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Dust suppressors – Recent studies have shown that with the use of this organic supplement – Dust Suppressor the quality of the fertilizers has improved. A fertilizer coating material or Anti dust Agents are actually a special surface treatment that is applied to the solid fertilizers, in order to maintain the quality of the produced organic fertilizers. The coating consists of granular sulphur and binders.

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Granulation – Improve the quality of the organic fertilizer granules from the scratch. This supplement is used to optimize the fertilizer enhancing process and to improve the overall quality of the fertilizers. This supplement is used in various types of fertilizers, such as – Ammonium Nitrate (AN), Urea, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) and LDAN or Low-density Ammonium Nitrate.

Colouring agents – The Colouring agents for fertilizer provide an identifying look to the fertilizers. Hence, it gets easier to identify the fertilizers because of the different colours. Plus, it is organic. It also helps in eliminating any sort of fear from the minds of the final consumers related to possible product adulteration issues.

Mining Products – Modern agriculture is depended upon the mined products for enhancing and producing high-quality fertilizers. Plants need three important nutrients – phosphorus, nitrogen & potassium. Nitrogen can be renewed and captured from the air but phosphorus and potassium are mined to be applied for better plant growth through fertilizers.

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Hence, these organic Fertilizer coating material contribute a lot in making and improving fertilizers.

What else can be done?

Well, you need to add the Supplements and organic products according to a quantity of the soil. If you have substantial clay or sand in your garden, be generous in using them in fertilizers. On the other hand, avoid excessive additives if the fertilizer is good working. Just a little organic supplement would be enough to promote plant growth. You can alternatively buy some products that balance the PH level of the soils. This is always a better option than risking the soil through any random additives. Lastly, Water the soil according to the requirements. Do not just pour water in one area and leave the rest of it. Instead, use a sprinkle evenly to get things working well.