Benefits of Vegetable Oil-Based Collectors For Mining or Beneficiation

1. Vegetable Fatty Acids-Based

Biodegradability provides an indication of the persistence of any particular substance in the environment and is the yardstick for assessing the eco-friendliness of substances. The superior biodegradation of vegetable oils in comparison to the petroleum-based oils has been demonstrated at length by a plethora of researchers from around the world over several decades. It is clear that vegetable fats and oil have much better biodegradability and environment friendliness than the conventional products used as collectors.

2. Customized And Tailor-made To Select The Molecules As Per the Ore Quality And Characteristics

All of our products are customized as per the mineral ore to optimize the process and selectivity. Our decades of application expertise and state-of-the-art flotation laboratories around the world enable us to develop the best product for each mineral type, design the optimal application system, monitor product performance, and customize the formulations as needed over time. Customizing the products and application methods allows us to maximize the grade of the product and the amount of ore recovered through the flotation process.

3. Includes Frother And Surfactants In The Formulation

When the collector contains frothers and surfactants, there is no need to add them separately; thus, the entire process becomes less cumbersome and easy to operate.

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4. Higher Efficiency Compared To Conventional Collectors/ Petroleum Derivatives / Sulfonates

Our Vegetable Oil-based collectors show higher efficiency than their petroleum-based counterparts due to many reasons, some of which include: better selectivity for the targeted ore and a higher concentration of active material often resulting in lower dosages.

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5. Best Suited For Safe And Sustainable Operations, Easy Disposal And Better Working Conditions

Conventionally, collectors for rock beneficiation often contain petroleum derivatives, synthetic resins, and their associated fractions and distillates. These products are usually obtained from crude oil and its distillates and similar compounds thereof. Therefore, the use of these products is not only harmful to the soil, plants, and the environment, in general, but also has a significant amount of costs attached when the Mines/Beneficiation Plant try to treat the effluents for water reuse or for disposal. With Khodal Agrotech Industries products for rock beneficiation, all such problems, costs, and environmental threats are avoided!